Lucky Plush Productions

Lucky Plush ProductionsLucky Plush Productions is an ensemble dance-theater company based in Chicago, led by founder and Artistic Director Julia Rhoads. The company is committed to provoking and supporting an immediacy of presence—a palpable live-ness—shared by performers in real time with audiences. Rhoads and her collaborators create work that is richly and uncompromisingly layered, and invite audiences to engage with the work in compelling and relatable ways. A unique hybrid of high-level dance and theater, Lucky Plush’s work is often recognized for its complex choreography, surprising humor, moving narratives, and incisive commentary on contemporary culture.

For nearly 15 years, Lucky Plush has sought new vocabularies and logics at the collision of dance and theater, creating moving and visceral narratives in which neither the movement nor the acting are compromised. Rhoads strives to make work that is easily humorous and beautifully human—where performers leak emotion and come up against their own limitations, and where audiences can build expectations and laugh when the unexpected is delivered. Lucky Plush creates work that is challenging and smart, asking audiences to dig through and assemble layers of material. The audience plays a crucial role in the vitality of our work, and our goal is to be generous with them by delivering content that is both thought provoking and relatable.